what were you two doing that was so important you had to miss a meeting i’m sure we’d all LOVE to hear it


Virus: Morphine? Let me place this genuine quizzical look upon my face as I repeat the last thing you said, Aoba-san.

Trip: Yes, I too will question the mysterious nature of this situation with genuine concern.


トリップおめっとさん (x)

Anonymous whispered: I've never seen any pictures of Trip with his roots showing. He dyed his hair blonde to match Virus, but his hair has to grow out at some point and the red has to show through, even if just a little. If it's not too much trouble, could you draw it?


sorry this took so long uhhgh trip’s red hair is vital

Anonymous whispered: Headcanon for ViTri: Who throws their body over the other during sleep? What does the other think about it?

Virus is a fitful sleeper, while Trip sleeps like a log. It doesn’t bother Trip if Virus kicks at him or rolls over him, but if it were the other way around Virus would be very annoyed.

Anonymous whispered: Headcanon for ViTri: Who wins at playful wrestle?

Trip usually, though Virus wins occasionally.

Anonymous whispered: Headcanon for ViTri: Who cooks? What does the other think of their cooking?

They both cook. Neither are picky about food and don’t mind what the other cooks, but Trip is better at cooking than Virus is.


DRAMAtical Murder Virus Cosplay

Cosplay by lekusa on

CN : 蟹蟹 
攝 : 阿流

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