tbh would not mind weeroos’ face inbetween my legs hoo boy


Inking practice. Aoba is technically there too, so should he be tagged as well?


it’s ass time

Pairing: Virus’ ass/Trip what else

Length: ~2000 words about ass

Warning: ass eating, cum eating, sometimes at the same time.

Description: There was talk of ass worship on Twitter and I was ~*inspired*~

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Virus is wearing Trip’s old re:con outfit like:
"I found this old thing. And I thought it looked big on you.”
*honhonhon* *pops open wine bottle*

-falls over- I did it! I did a thing! It was a pain, but it’s been three [almost four?] years since I’ve drawn anything. I put a lot of work into this. o3o And maybe it’s not the best and I had some trouble with some things, but I’ve had my artist midlife crisis already. I’ve already seethed in jealousy over other people’s works and questioned why I drew, etc. and I’m past that. I just want to draw and I see finishing this as another step to being the better artist I want to be. uwu

This is a few days late, but this is for confabulatorycrown's birthday! They have wonderful Vitri headcanons and drawings themself, and when I saw it was their birthday I just wanted to do something I guess.

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you enjoy it a little bit at least. ^u^


ur ruining his hair, trip


////-//// My love Trip and Virus ~